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Deborah Reade,
the creative force at deborah Reade design, has more than 20 years experience in illustration and map design and 10 years experience designing web sites. Because of this, she is able to design and produce maps, illustrations and websites in a variety of styles and media–whether mimicking a 16th century hand-lettered map or creating a fully digital illustration or website.

She is equally comfortable designing for print, exhibitions or the web. And she works well with other designers, publishers, and printers so that their specifications can be met and your job can look its best–both creatively and technically. In addition, she works closely with other professionals who provide their own technical epertise, as needed.

Besides general illustration and map design, Deborah specializes in botanical, geological and anthropological maps and illustration and archaeological site plans & profiles.

Deborah moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1980 and now divides her time between Santa Fe and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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