Map design differs from cartography! While cartographers create maps from collected data points, map designers work with a variety of source material to create custom maps that clearly and attractively highlight specific information.

Deborah has over 30 years’ experience designing maps and has worked under a wide range of technical specifications—her work history includes print maps for books and periodicals, as well as those designed to be viewed online or silkscreened onto a gallery wall as part of an exhibition. Deborah is comfortable working in collaboration with other designers, publishers, GIS mapping companies, animators, film producers, and more. Her wide design experience and technical expertise will help avoid costly problems and delays.

Although she prefers to work with clients who can provide most or all reference themselves, Deborah can provide map research services if needed. She has excellent online map research skills and an extensive private library that includes more than 1200 maps, books, and related reference materials. Please contact Deborah to discuss what would be best for your job.

Portfolio & Estimates
Deborah works in a variety of media and map styles—small and large, simple and complex—even archaeological site plans. Some examples are on this page, but please take a look at her portfolio to see the full range of her map design work.

If you would like an estimate, you can contact Deborah by email or phone. A 10% discount is available for four or more maps or illustrations.


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  • Gor
  • Alb
  • Moroc
  • Mille
  • Spain
  • China
  • Waves
  • Valle
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