Map design is not cartography! Cartographers create maps "from scratch." Map designers work with a variety of source material that already exist, including those that you provide, to create custom maps that show the information you want to highlight clearly and attractively.

We have more than 20 years experience in map design and illustration and are equally comfortable designing for print, exhibitions or the web.  Because of this, you can be assured that not only will your map look beautiful, but it will also meet whatever technical specifications are required. Requirements for a map to be viewed online are completely different from those for a map that will be silkscreened onto a gallery wall. Having a designer who understands the differences will help you avoid problems and delays.

We have an extensive map library that includes more than 1000 maps and related reference materials. To create your map, we can work with reference you provide or research your job for you..

Portfolio & Estimates
We can provide many styles of maps, small and large, simple or complex., including archaeological site plans. All of these can be seen in our CD portfolio. If you are interested in what we provide, ask for a copy of our complete map & illustration portfolio on CD. If you would like an estimate for a job, we are happy to provide you with one after we understand your requirements. We offer a 10% discount for three or more maps or illustrations.


Request our complete map and illustration portfolio on CD
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