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Deborah Reade, the heart of deborah Reade design, is a New Mexico-based map designer and illustrator, with over thirty years’ experience producing content for print media, the web, exhibitions, archaeological and environmental reports, and public signage.

Deborah works in a wide variety of media and styles, both digital and hand-created, with past work including everything from a hand-lettered map for a book on 16th century poetry to a modern chart for a digital brochure. Her technical expertise and history of working in collaboration with other designers, publishers, printers, and coders perfectly positions her to create work that will meet your aesthetic and practical requirements while avoiding costly delays.

Although Deborah has created maps and illustrations for many different uses and in a wide variety of styles, her specialty is anthropological and archaeological maps and illustrations. She is adept at producing traditional site plans, elevations, profiles, and illustrations from sketches, photographs, and other reference. Whatever your job requires — from multiple site plans for a report, to a single illustration, to art maps and illustrations for print, exhibitions, or websites — Deborah can meet your needs. If you would like an estimate for your job, please contact Deborah to discuss your specific needs and requirements. A 10% discount is available for jobs including four or more items.

Some examples of Deborah’s work are showcased on this site, but please visit her portfolio to see the full range of what she can do.

deborah Reade design has its HUB zone certification and its New Mexico Resident Business certification. Deborah has been working remotely for some time, and is able to comply with COVID-19 restrictions without additional complications.





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