Deborah has a background in archaeology and anthropology, experience working on archaeological reports for the New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies and decades of experience as an illustrator and map designer. Because of this, she is perfectly positioned to create traditional site plans, profiles, and elevations from sketches and drafts, as well as illustrations and maps in a variety of media and styles. She is equally comfortable digitizing archaeological site plans and designing standardized icons for reports as creating maps and illustrations for print, web, or exhibitions. Whatever your needs or specifications, Deborah will provide a final product that fulfills those needs with clarity and beauty.

Deborah is experienced in both hand-created and digital media, proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, and can provide hand-drawn, fully digital, or combined maps, plans, elevations, profiles, and illustrations.

Portfolio & Estimates
To see more examples of Deborah’s archaeological illustration and maps, please take a look at her portfolio.

If you’d like an estimate, you can contact Deborah by email or phone to discuss the requirements of your project. A 10% discount is available for jobs including four or more items.

  • Comb
  • Lamp
  • Chart
  • Rock
  • Map
  • Pit
  • Kiln
  • Profile
  • Plan
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